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What Technology Means Today

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Designs, Innovation, Publications, Technology | 0 comments

The Industrial Revolution was the last big “hoorah” before the Technological Revolution but in hindsight the Industrial is actually starting to look like a bit of a mouse. The dawn of the microchip has brought forth more powerful instruments, tools and machinery to allow mankind to propel itself to greater heights than ever before. So, where in-lies the problem? There doesn’t necessarily need to be a problem. In actuality, on the whole, it would be very difficult to argue for a case wherein technology wasn’t making the world a better place.

Surely there are ways in which smartphones or the prevalence of screens everywhere can become burdensome. That all being totally true, there are plenty of ways and even entire cultures or neighborhoods where escape can be found, she the digital domain become too much. Consider some of the biggest innovations that are rocking the world at this time and the affects they are having.

Smartphones might definitely seem like an old story but in the relative framework of the existence of man, they’ve been on the picture for far less than .1% of the time. In terms of the age of the planet, the smartphone isn’t even an embryo, let alone a baby. Where this portable informational power takes society certainly remains to be seen.

Another extremely young — comparatively speaking — technology is the internet and despite it’s 20 year mainstream age, the concept and the infrastructure itself has and continues to evolve greatly and rapidly. What was one a network with the capability of sending electronic messages in under a minute and digital photographs in a matter of 1-3 minutes, the world had a powerful tool on their hands… in the 80s. The internet of today is keeping track of pets and dimming household lights. Often taken for granted, but hardly forgotten — the internet is a powerhouse technological leap that is behind 90-99% of the other technology currently being produced.

Looking down the road a bit for one of the next major game-changing technologies, there is the 3d printer. This piece of equipment might still even be foreign to some readers. Others will know it for its many charming applications. Science has their eye on the platform as a way of brining healthcare and housing to developing nations.

Much like some of today’s popular smartphone apps such as Facebook and Uber, there are countless reasons to participate. How the future should unfold for each individual and each larger community will have a great bearing upon the type of technology adoption and dispersal exists over time. These big leaps of innovation are helping fuel the way and many other exciting innovations share in that task of brining the power of the future to the individual. The future is your’s.